Intraday roughly means 'within a day' while intraday trading means purchasing and selling shares on the same day. In intraday trading, the traders have to close their position before the market hours end. It is a short-term-based investment approach that requires traders to constantly evaluate the prices of the share. Technical analysis is used by intraday traders to select the entry and exit points and is most suitable for high-risk traders. Before we proceed on to the benefits of intraday trading, it is crucial to ask the question, " what is Intraday trading ?".     A brief introduction to intraday trading The buying and selling of stocks that occur on the same day refers to intraday trading and is done through online trading platforms. For example, whenever a person buys a stock for a company there must be a specific mention of 'intraday' in the platform's portal that is being used. This allows the user to buy and sell the same number of stocks, on the

How to Improve Your Ecommerce Customer Service

 In 2021, what does outstanding customer service entail? It entails being able to rapidly and effectively answer customer inquiries via email, Live Chat, and social media.   According to eConsultancy, these are the top six elements that add to a pleasant online consumer experience. Getting to the root of the issue as early as possible. Solving the problem in a single interaction. Having a pleasant interaction with customer support professionals. If necessary, being able to follow up with the same person. The ability to record, print, and save a copy of a conversation.   To make sure you're satisfied is a good thought. Customer Expectations are Increasing Customer service expectations are continuing to rise. We live in an age of convenience, where we want everything right now! According to a recent HubSpot poll, 90 percent of customers consider a rapid response to be "extremely important" or "important."For brands and eCommerce enterprises, customer service and t

Jomo’s Much Awaited Independence Day Sale 2021

Celebrate Independence Day with Jomo This Independence Day make your celebrations greener and safer by shopping from Pakistan’s leading and one-of-a-kind multi-brand store, Jomo. Jomo has turned an azadi sale day to an azadi sale week by offering amazing discounts on some of the premium brands of Pakistan. This house of brands provides a seamless shopping experience with fantastic new deals to make your wardrobe purchases a not-so-guilty affair. Jomo caters to all the wardrobe essentials including Footwear, Apparel and Accessories. New styles for summer clothing are added every week to keep your style updated. Mix & Match from different brands to create exciting summer looks and get best bargains from our azadi sale on clothing and footwear brands. Another good thing about this multi-brand e-store it has something for every member of the family and all gets delivered together. One needs to not worry about getting clothes or footwear for their kids. Choose from an array of brand

What is a confirmation email?

  A confirmation email is an email that customers receive after fulfilling a specific condition, such as placing an order, booking tickets, or subscribing to a newsletter. If a user signed up for a service, updated their profile information , or placed an order, confirmation emails are sent to them. To let new customers know you received their order, send them a confirmation email. Confirmation emails should be sent because your audience expects them. It also provides an immediate connection between your business and the customer. How Important Are Confirmation Emails? Confirmation emails are crucial because they verify that customer actions were successful and provide important information. They also give instructions for the next steps. Confirmation emails of all types have high open rates and click-throughs, which provides you with more opportunities to upsell. Email confirmations can serve many purposes. If someone orders something online, they should receive a confirmation email.